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Public Relations

  • Comprehensive PR services in Poland
  • Creating and implementing communication strategies and plans
  • Image building
  • Establishing and fostering valuable relations with representatives of the media, politics, public administration and NGOs, as well as the direct target audience of our communication


  • Creating strategies and plans to communicate research findings outside the academic environment in Poland
  • Compiling content presenting research findings (notes, infographics, press releases, audio and video materials)
  • Cooperation with the media, Online communication (including websites, blogs, social networking sites)
  • Communicating research findings to target groups


  • Building media relations
  • Running a press office
  • Creating media presence strategies
  • Organizing press conferences


  • Building and maintaining websites
  • Social media presence, blogs, newsletters
  • Multimedia (audio, video, photographs)


  • Conducting workshops devoted to the entire range of topics related to science communication, e.g. public speeches, popular writing or employing the internet for popularization
  • Training for participants of popularization contests
  • Courses for scientific organizations on internal communication and conflict resolution



Science PR is a service for scientific and academic institutions that want to build their image in the Polish media through publishing scientific research results. Demonstrating knowledge obtained from scientific projects that have been recognized in scientific circles is the best way to spark interest in a target group.

We support scientific and academic institutions by building relations with scholars who deliver reliable and attractive popular science content, promoting the scientists as experts in their fields.



Science PR offers support to research teams who seek effective ways to inform target groups about their activities undertaken within the framework of both local and EU grants.

Disseminating knowledge about the conducted research, promoting a project and its grantors requires a considerable amount of time and effort. With the helping hand of Science PR, you can devote all your attention to the research work.



Science PR also aims at the consulting and research businesses that compile their knowledge and know-how in the form of reports or data, and want to use these resources to build up their competitive advantage.

Investment funds


Science PR is a service for investment funds, which engage in the development of scientific sturt-ups.

Building of an approprtiate story around the business idea and positioning of its authors in the public space brings a lot of benefits for business.

We create a strategy for image building and relations with the environment for companies founded by scientists. We implement for them the activities thanks to wich they become recognizable among desirable target groups. We also support them in attracting investors.

Public institutions


Science PR is a service for government agencies, science and technology parks, as well as foundations and associations that engage in the development of science.

We implement a number of projects for such institutions – from consulting and trainings for employees to implementation of projects in the field of crisis communication, media relations or social media.



Cooperation offer for non-scientists

Scientists who effectively communicate with the non-academic world get the most interesting proposals for cooperation with public administration bodies, NGOs and companies. It is often through cooperation with these organizations that research can be effectively conducted and the results passed on to the prestigious media (liaison with business can greatly benefit science itself!). Moreover, these scholars receive more proposals from research teams at other research centres, or representatives of other fields of science.

Our activities result in more collaboration proposals on business projects, research orders from businesses, and invitations to debates, conferences and projects run by other research centres.


Getting through to target groups

Cooperation between scientists and business people is now the subject of heated public debate. However, entrepreneurs are not the sole party interested in scientific research results. Our team aids scientists in defining the audience to be informed, specifying the form and time of delivering such information. What is more, we help to get the right message across to the chosen research projects’ target groups.


Implementation of research grants

Promulgating the research, promoting a project and a grantor are the kind of activities that require considerable commitment and time. Often, scientists prefer to focus on research work rather than create website content or maintain contact with journalists. In practice, all matters related to popularizing a project are postponed until the very last months, leading to hasty solutions that are mostly concerned with fulfilling the requirements of the final report. With our support, you will be able to spend your subsidies in such a way as to take proper care of communicating the project and to use this occasion to promote science and the grantee.


Building the image of science

Beyond the gates of academic institutions, the notion of a scientific professional is frequently miscomprehended. The job seems too abstract, and research itself is often seen as art for art’s sake, with no practical and real life application. There is an opportunity to change this situation through building up the image of science and scientists, and improving the quality of communication with the non-academic world. This pertains to the business people who would like to invest in science, to different social and professional groups who can benefit from the developments, or even to members of the public who are interested in research results. By cooperating with us, you will be able to improve the general reception of science and scientists in society.

We are first and only in Poland
PR agency with a specialization in science.

Our mission is to co-create innovative Poland through
support for dialogue between the world of science and the economy and society..

That is why we deal with promoting knowledge in the form of know-how
or technology, we connect the scientific world with the media and business.


food safety
IT/new technologies
social sciences
cosmic space
future technology
health and medicine

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